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My name is Brendan Donnet and I'm a Swiss-Scottish illustrator



Just got back from a few days visiting Copenhagen. It’s a lovely place (pretty cold though!) and if you go there, you should definitely rent a bike to get around: it’s a lot easier to go from one place to another and it’s a lot more fun too!

This is a sketch I did when I visited the National Gallery of Denmark. (It’s of a detail of Erik Werenskiold’s Portrait of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson)

Fairy Tales Aren’t Perfect

Wanting to create a little advertising campaign, I decided I would set myself the brief of promoting Google Play’s services. Google Play, as well as being the biggest app store out there (over 1,400,000 apps in 2014), also offers music, movies, and books. Even without the more “classical” entertainment forms, the apps alone cover multiple types of services ranging from utility and communication, to games and educational apps.

My approach was to play on this huge diversity and to suggest that no matter who you are and how unusual or specific your situation is, you could benefit from its services.

Rapunzel Hansel & Gretel Jack & the beanstalk 3 little pigs

A Deadly Irony


I’ve been reading quite a lot about the shooting at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon and the discussions resulting from that terrible event.

It beggars belief that some people can see in such a tragedy proof that what schools in the US need are MORE guns! It seems that the twisted idea that more guns means more security is so engrained in their minds that they can’t see the irony of the situation

USA shootings